Extract from "Three Wealds Newsletter" May/June 1998.

Flood Observations compiled by Keith Hope-Lang.

House or Location Family May 98 Flood observations
Old Pound Barn Muston Momentum of water flooding from stream kept water away from the footpath outside the Barn.
Causeway House Lourie Water did not reach the gateway.
19 L Weald Luckett Water rose to 12in in front room, wall electricity socket underwater. .
18 L Weald Martin Believed similar to above
20 L Weald Mort Front room 7in under water.
21 L Weald Barnes Front room 7in under water.
22 L Weald Tootill Front room 8in under water.
23 L Weald Donaldson Front hall 6in under water, back utility room 12in under water. Pavement outside back utility room 27in under water, pavement itself 4in above road surface.
27 L Weald Durrant Water rose 6in up outside of west wall and 1in depth inside; water advanced up garden to 2 paces from front door
Brook Cottage Avery Water rose to 17in above floor in front hall, though the deeds referred to a former higher flood.
Bridge opposite Brook Cottage N/A Legs of bench in 4in of water. Water advanced down the road towards Old Schoolhouse to electricity/street lighting pole 50yd north of village bench.
Calverton House Hayter Water flooded across the causeway above the culvert, dramatic vortex visible where water swirled down to pass through culvert. Park bridge cut off by floods for about 30yds either side.
Footbridge to 29-32 L Weald N/A Water rose to 2ft above the walkway
29 L Weald Groom Up garden to 12 paces from front door
30 L Weald Wilkins Up garden to 4 paces from front door
31 L Weald Rice Water reached the porch but not inside. NB previous flood about 45yr ago the water did enter the house.
32 L Weald Welch Water reached the porch but not inside.
Oakfield House Evans Water held back by the bridge, crossed the lawn to within about 25yds of the house.
Half Acre House Mitchell Water crept up the lawn to within about 20yds of house
Haddon House Barnes Water up the lawn to within about 20yds of house
Ardvassar Douglas-Campbell Water up lawn to within about 15yds of house, current carried the footbridge downstream to the end of garden.
Watery Lane, the footpath between 26 L Weald and Ardvassar N/A A raging torrent of water, at least 12in deep, difficult to wade across from Ardvassar to 26 L Weald. High enough to flood the garage of 26 L Weald to 3in deep,
26 L Weald Bowtell 10in water in the front room, water level 4in below windowsill.
24 (25) L Weald Miller Water rose to 16in inside house, above the boots of helpers; water rising up out of the drains at the rear of the house.
Rectory Farm Luckett Water came to 7yd from front door, flooded the bicycle shed near the road.
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