Calverton Geography.

In this edition we have concentrated a little more on the 'recording the present' element of our motto and, in particular, on the big event of 1998 - the Easter floods.

Although the deluge disrupted most of our travel arrangements that April day, it was the residents of Lower Weald who bore the brunt of the flooding when the waters inundated their gardens and homes. It is their personal experiences which make up the main part of the first section of the journal and, to add historical interest, you will also find some accounts of the earlier floods. Although very welcome, these latter accounts are a little sparse which underlines the importance of recording events as they happen.

This kind of activity might be thought of as more a subject of oral or documentary history but it is the unique local topography and the position of the village at the confluence of two streams with their large catchment areas which make this equally a geographical subject.

The reintroduction of the Beating of the Bounds has provided an excellent opportunity, not only for an exhilarating walk, but also a chance to view the whole of the parish from the outside looking in. We have tried to reflect this in the range of photographs taken on that glorious day and presented as a colour fold-out (which we hope to use in future editions for larger maps and features).

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