Calverton Records Journal 1997.


Introduction - Geoff Wilkins.

Section 1.

Calverton Geography.

Collecting Field Names in Calverton.
Aerial Archeology.
Calverton Reference Map and the Historical Index.
More Aerial Archeology.

Section 2.

Oral Histories.

The Oral Histories Update.
Chrystmasse in ye Olden Tyme.
Calverton at the outbreak of World War II.
1945 Peace Breaks out and Calverton Celebrates.
VE Day Sing Along 1995 Style.
Farms of Calverton in the 19th & early 20th Century.

Section 3.

Calverton Flora and Fauna.

Calverton Birdlife.

Section 4.

Archival Histories.

Making Sense of the Census - 1881 and all that!
The Calverton Graveyard Project.
The Monumental Inscriptions Survey for the Church
of All Saints Calverton, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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