The Calverton Graveyard Project.

Or to give it its proper title 'The Monumental Inscriptions Survey for the Church of All Saints, Calverton, Buckinghamshire' was indeed a monumental task. Jan Evans describes how she went about it.

As many of you will know, Dai and I spent a considerable part of the summer of 1996 crouching amid the gravestones in the churchyard, armed with scrubbing brush and water-spray! That churchyard is by no means the quiet and deserted place I always thought it was. It's a hive of activity - graves are regularly tended, the grass is cut, flowers are placed in the church, holiday-makers come to look for Grandma's grave... Hardly a visit went by without our encountering someone else there.

The end result is an alphabetical index of all surnames to be found on stones in the churchyard and inside the church, a full list of those inscriptions that are legible and numbered plans of the whereabouts of these stones.

However, this list of surnames is really only the beginning. Only a very small proportion of those buried here could afford the cost of a headstone. The rest lie in unmarked graves. Those buried since the mid-sixteenth century are recorded in the burial registers, most of which are currently kept in the County Records Office in Aylesbury.

As a new project we would like to see these transcribed and indexed, but it is a very time-consuming task and at present we lack the time! If anyone fancies spending a few days at Aylesbury dealing with fairly difficult handwriting, please contact Jan. I do know that the Bucks Family History Society are aiming to record and index all burials for the whole county from the beginning of the registers. In the first instance they are looking at the period 1812-1840. Clearly, it is important that such painstaking work is not duplicated, and we would need to check that the indexing of Calverton is not already underway.

(For additional information about the east window of the church (above) see here.)

Jan Evans.
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