Calverton Flora and Fauna.

Whenever you watch those astounding nature programmes on TV, perhaps you too can imagine yourself hacking through the Sumatran jungle or trekking across the Kenyan savannah. We often think that exotic wildlife is more interesting than our own; well, it may often be more colourful, but we do have a rich and varied selection of wildlife, right here in Calverton. And you don't need a TV licence, just a pair of binoculars, a pair of wellies and a little luck.

This year, the CRP Flora and Fauna project has been concentrating on birds. We asked residents to tell us which birds they have spotted in Calverton, and we have compiled this information into the Calverton Bird List (which appears at the end of this section). Of the 251 species which are British residents, 51 have been sighted within our village. Many of these fall into the LBJ (little brown job) category, but there are some real treasures. Compared with the surrounding area, the agriculture immediately around Calverton is still relatively traditional, and this is one possible reason for the richness of our birdlife.

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Last updated 24th February 1998.