The Oral Histories Update.

Lucinda Lourie reports on progress in this important aspect of the Records Project with the help of Miriam Wilkins, Kristine Roberts and Julia Bowtell.

It used to be frustrating at such events as the Cuppas to get into conversation with a long time resident and then start to hear wonderful stories coming out only to find that one is totally unprepared without pencil and paper let alone recording equipment!

We have come on considerably since those days and have managed to apply some of the lessons learned at the Discovery Centre on how to collect as many reminiscences on tape of long-time residents as we can.

So far we have recorded the memories of Edie Tompkins, Ella West and George Cowley.

George has always given strong support to the idea of forming an historical archive for Calverton, and has been a key member of CRP since its formation in May 1996. It was he and his second wife Ivy, who together successfully hosted the very first historical "get-together" in March 1994 at Fairfield Farm. The "Map and Bottle" party brought together old Calverton residents, ex-residents and newcomers, generating huge interest in Calverton's history.

Kristine has selected the topic of "Calverton remembers World War II" in response to the hugely sucessful "Memory Lane Lunch" (Oct.1994) and the "VE Day Celebrations" (May 1995) held at Middle Weald Farm.

Another source has been the response to an advertisement she put in the local Herald in February 1996. In conclusion there are still lots more reminiscences to record. The next audio tape we are hoping to make is one about the Church with the help of Charlie Sherwood.

Ambitious ? Yes, and we do need lots more help and ideas. If you have a little time to spare, and this is something you would like to get involved with, please let us know.

We need help with making recordings, indexing and transcribing them; help with photography and drawing and editing.

Perhaps all these reminiscences could be brought together in a booklet called "Calverton Remembered" or some such title.

Lastly many thanks to the interviewees for their patience and their memories and support.

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