The Calverton Records Project Steering Committee who have been responsible for the planning, writing and production of this journal comprises:

The first half of the journal was designed, edited and typeset by David Muston who also wrote the section introductions and all the picture captions. The committee would like to acknowledge the following for their help and generosity in both time and materials which have helped make possible this publication.

We would like to thank all those friends of Calverton who gave us their unstinting support and who lent or donated documents, photographs maps and other items which have formed the basis of many of the articles in this first volume. Also, on a more personal level, we would like to particularly thank those who provided us with their very own memories - Ella West, Maurice Goss and, although she is no longer with us, Edie Tompkins. We hope that we have done justice here to their recollections.

Finally, we would like to apologise in advance for any factual errors or omissions and we would welcome any comments and corrections from our readers. Please get in touch with any member of the Steering Committee listed above.

C.R.P. Steering Committee
November 1997

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