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Welcome to the first issue of the Calverton Records Project Journal. Within these pages we will try to bring you a flavour of the work that the Calverton Records Project (CRP) has done over the past year, and to give you some idea of the diversity of the projects that we have undertaken. We very much hope that this will become an annual publication, and that each year we will be able not only to continue to report on these ongoing projects, but also to add new ones to the list.

At the end of our first year, it is perhaps timely to remember how and why the CRP was born. For several years before our formal inauguration, there had been a growing interest in finding out about Calverton, both from the historical perspective and from the point of view of 'getting to know' the village as it is today. This interest was demonstrated by many people in many different ways. Calverton Cuppas organised Map and Bottle parties at which local maps, photographs and documents were studied, tales were told, and bottles were emptied. A group from the village made a sortie to Stoke Goldington's Archive, which evoked much admiration, and a visit was also made to the Two Villages Project, which charts the history and culture of Milton Keynes Village and Broughton. We went to marvel at the exquisitely embroidered Emberton Parish Map, and also made the memorable bus trip to the Parish Maps exhibition in Daventry.

In addition to all this activity, villagers had started compiling their own records of Calverton. Audio recordings were being made of older residents village memories, and a photo archive had already been established. The time was ripe to start pulling all this interest and effort together, and in May 1996 a meeting was held at Causeway House to propose the formation of a village group to do just that. We settled on the name Calverton Records Project, and pledged that we would uncover the past and record the present for the future. The first formal meeting was held at Oakfield House in November 1996, and thus we are one year old this month.

The first year has seen two more well-attended village meetings with guest speakers, the establishment of a World Wide Web site on the Internet, lots of hard (but enjoyable) work, and finally, the publication of this journal. In here you will find articles on oral history and aerial photography, on birds and buildings, on gravestones and fieldnames. You are sure to find something to fascinate you; and it is fascination with Calverton, past, present and future that is the driving force behind the Calverton Records Project.

Geoff Wilkins

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