Fires in Calverton!

Fire in Upper WealdIn August 1996 a fire destroyed the hayrick at the sharp corner in Upper Weald, Calverton (or let us say at the top end of Butts Piece if you are a tradionalist). It was reported by a passing motorist at 9 pm and was soon attended by four fire appliances.

The firemen did a superb job; the fire had taken hold but they ensured that there was no damage to the wooden fence at one side bordering Fairfield Farm or to the wooden beamed barn at the other side.Fire in Upper Weald

A few days latter smoke was seen coming from a field by the A5 road. Again the Fire Brigade responded quickly with four engines and a bowser but the fire destroyed about 10 hectares of stubble and barley as well as about 150 metres of hedgerow.

Reporting from the Three Wealds Newsletter edited and produced by Calverton Cuppas.
Photographs from David Muston, Lower Weald.

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