Interesting crop mark in Red Ditch.

Map of Red Ditch

There is an interesting crop mark in Red Ditch which is on private ground just west of Lower Weald; the mark shows up each year after the harvest. The aerial photograph shows a rectangular mark with two extensions to the left. Further left is a second smaller rectangular mark.

Rumour has it that this is a "Roman Fort" - after all it lies on the old route into the village and there have been Roman finds nearby. The larger mark is almost a third of the width of the field so it is about 20 by 60 yards; probably too large for a single building so maybe it is an enclosure. Why don't the outer walls show as an outline? Maybe it was paved all over but at the moment we just do not know enough.

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This autumn we shall make some comparisons with finds which have been well documented to get some clues. Meanwhile it remains an excellent example of how much can be revealed by the crops.

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