Blacon Spinny and Lovett's Thorns.

Map of Blacon Spinny and Lovett's Thorns.

A wood may be one of the oldest parts of a village. The long thin Blacon Spinney and the triangular Lovett's Thorns are the only two patches of woodland in Calverton (and both are private properties).

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Although Lovett's Thorns appears to be the remnant of a larger wood it is actually only about 100 years old. The farmer Lovett used to harvest only as much as he could handle. He never got around to harvesting the upper corner and around 1900 left it to grow wild, and the hawthorn prospered. In the 1920's the hunt eyed it as a fox covert, paid a rental to have it fenced and an acre (0.4 hectare) of elm was planted at the west end. In the 1960's a few oak and ash trees were planted.

In the wood are hawthorns of 44 inches and 60 inches (1.1 and 1.5 metres) in diameter (say 80 to 100 years old) and at least one 34 inch (0.86 metres) diameter oak (say 50 years old). Recent growths shows that some coppicing was carried out about 25 years ago.

Lovett's Thorns is recent history in the village, maybe Blacon Spinney will prove to have earlier origins.

Contributed by the Calverton Historical Research Society. Secretary: Keith Hope-Lang.

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