Mysterious Object in aerial photograph.

We have recently discovered a source of aerial photographs of Calverton dating back to 1946. These are almost entirely survey photographs taken from directly overhead.

The photographs are always fascinating for the amount of details covered in a single print. Illustrated here is an enlarged portion of one area with a mysterious object for which we have not yet had a convincing explanation.

The photograph shows a five sided field. At the right hand side of the field is an object that looks almost reminiscent of a V1 launch site (or a parked helicopter with a broken blade).

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The location of the five sided field is shown in the map. It is located two fields to the east of the southern exit from Lower Weald; to be precise the field is Great Second Daniel. The photograph was taken in June 1963 and it is interesting that the object is not visible on other aerial photographs such as those of August 61 or May 65. Maybe it was a concrete hardstanding for milking cows but that would be quite substantial and difficult to remove and nothing remains in the field now.

Contributed by the Calverton Historical Research Society. Secretary: Keith Hope-Lang.

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