1843 Map of Lower Calverton.

Lloyds Bank map

The earliest large scale maps that we can easily put our hands on are the Ordnance Survey maps. A sufficient scale to show houses in the village is the 1881 map - of which there are copies for inspection in the Central Milton Keynes Library. It is therefore very interesting to find anything earlier and here we have an example of an 1843 map of a part of Lower Calverton. It is a Lloyds Bank map of what is called the Lower Weale Estate, presumably the estate was for sale or maybe held as collateral for a loan. This includes what we now think of as Old Pound Barn, Causeway House, 18-19 Lower Weald and 20-23 Lower Weald.

It is reasonable to assume that everything shown on the map is accurate, in other words all the buildings within the estate are shown and shown correctly. However it is also wise to draw no conclusions about detail outside the estate; if a building is not shown then maybe that is because it was of no interest to Lloyds Bank in 1843.

From 1985 Ordinance Survey Aerial Photograph
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For comparison we have as recent a large scale map as I can immediately lay my hands on in the 1985 Ordnance Survey and a recent oblique aerial photograph.

Contributed by the Calverton Historical Research Society. Secretary: Keith Hope-Lang.

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