Stephen Stewart

My personal page, with lots of travel.

It seems to be traditional on personal home pages to include a photograph and biographical details, so I shall.

I was born in Hull, England and attended school in Yorkshire. After graduating from York University with a degree in Physics I travelled to India with 500 other students as part of the Comex 3 expedition organised by Lionel Gregory.

Having failed to be accepted by VSO I organised my own "Voluntary Service Overseas" and spent 18 months working as a mechanic in a mission hospital (St. Lucy's) at Tsolo in the Transkei (South Africa).

Travelling in an old Land Rover, I returned to Europe by driving north to Kenya, shipping the vehicle to India and then driving back via central Afghanistan (an extraordinarily beautiful country).

I next worked for Encounter Overland driving trucks (with passengers) from London to Johannesburg and London to Kathmandu.

As a "proper" job I worked for many years in the computer industry (I was the technical director of DRS Data & Research Services plc).

I retired early and now live in the countryside just outside Milton Keynes in England. I spend much of my time travelling, recovering from travelling, and preparing to travel in my campervan.

So far I visited 113 countries and intend to keep travelling for a long long time.